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4:10 minutes 6.2.10 Child Support Price is Right

Jeff, Amanda, and Rusty guess what guys are paying in child support based on the number of children they have, what kind of car they drive, and what they do for a living. You'll see ... always WAY off.

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4:06 minutes Jeff's Good Samaritan Move

A little kindness goes a long way . . . Jeff made a new friend on Memorial Day!

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2:27 minutes April 7 . . . SECRET SHOW!

We talk off the air with a guy who got something done late in life that most guys get done as a baby . . .

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2:19 minutes March 25 . . . SECRET SHOW!

Jeff and Amanda discuss incontinence and impotence.

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4:12 minutes Ipod Idol : Taylor Swift Edition

Have you ever heard someone singing with their ipod earbuds in? When you can't hear yourself, it's impossible to stay in tune! Hear Jeff attempt Love Story, Amanda sing Two Is Better Than One, and Rusty sing You Belong With Me.

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1:53 minutes Pink's SO WHAT

WNEP's Sharla McBride came in to sing with Jeff and Rusty!

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0:42 minutes What Goes On In A Man's Mind During Sex?
Man Sex

Jeff and Amanda present 'What Goes On In A Man's Mind During Sex?' Some hilarious insight into man's thoughts in bed.

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1:17 minutes "Are You A Guy Or A Girl?"

Jeff & Amanda have a hard time differentiating whether a listener is male or female, so Jeff takes the initiative and flat out asks "So are you a guy or a girl?"

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1:44 minutes Jeff & Rusty Sing Katy Perry's 'Hot N Cold'
hot N cold

Jumpin' Jeff & Rusty Fender do a striking rendition of Katy Perry's landslide hit single 'Hot N Cold'.

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0:46 minutes What Goes On In A Woman's Mind During Sex?
Woman Sex

Jeff and Amanda present 'What Goes On In A Woman's Mind During Sex?' A wakeup call for men listening in.

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