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8:01 minutes 8.17 HANDS UP HONESTY TEST . . . EXPLAINED!

Who raised their hand when asked if they have ever been in the back of a police car? Who raised their hand admitting to having adult toys in their room right now? Who raised their hand to admit to having shaved "down there" in the past 24 hours? Not only WHO, but find out WHY! It's the HANDS UP HONESTY TEST - EXPLAINED!

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2:41 minutes 8.16 The Jeff Walker Show discusses one of our favorite topics . . . Spanx

We can't get away from them. We're always talking about spanx.

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1:38 minutes 8.11.10 Jeff has an amazing ability to sway the opinion of most people who don't agree with him

On Email Wednesday, a woman called in to disagree with Jeff. Somehow, if you give Jeff about 30 seconds, he can sway the person to agree with him. It's really ridiculous.

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2:19 minutes 8.11.10 The most painful thing this woman ever experienced was a ruptured uterus

Jeff and Amanda needed a little education about the female reproductive system.

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4:24 minutes 8.10.10 How do guys feel about wearing an ENGAGEMENT ring?

Michael Buble is engaged to a woman from Argentina who says it's a tradition for the guy to wear an engagement ring too. Amanda thinks this is a great idea and wishes the trend would catch on. Jeff, not so much. What do the guys of NEPA think?

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4:23 minutes 7.21.10 Is it an adult toy or a roller coaster?

Another Jeff Walker Show original ... is it an adult toy or a roller coaster? It's not as easy as you'd think!

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1:26 minutes Snooki from The Wackjobs!

Jersey Shore's "Snooki" needed her own theme song. Check it out!

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5:41 minutes 6.17.10 Chelsea Lately's Heather McDonald on The Jeff Walker Show

You've probably seen Heather "Long Boobs" McDonald on Chelsea Lately! She has a new book out and called into The Jeff Walker show!

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