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6:06 minutes 9.21 Fess up to our HANDS UP

Who watched porn over the weekend? Who went #2 on the side of a highway? Who has sexual fantasies about someone else on the show? Your HANDS UP HONESTY TEST questions . . . answered! :)

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3:45 minutes Our Sing Better Than Bieber Winner . . . Maddi from Kingston!

She sang BETTER THAN BIEBER and won tickets to his sold out show!

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5:31 minutes 8.31 Amanda's Fantasy Football Draft - TEAM EYE CANDY

Amanda is choosing her fantasy football team based soley on how hot the players are. The ladies of NEPA helped form the team!

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3:54 minutes 8.24 Who can BS the best . . . men or women?

Listen to listener Kelly BS her way through 30 seconds of describing a what a tight end does in football and listener Tony describe what a woman feels during PMS!

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4:23 minutes 8.23 Jeff & Amanda present . . . The Human Sound Effects Game!

The game that gives Amanda anxiety and humiliates Jeff. It's not as easy as you would think to recreate common sounds. Listen here!

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2:04 minutes 8.19 Jeff just is . . . the condom expert :)

Warner Brothers is stopping a company from putting out a line of condoms and of course Jeff has the low down on the situation.

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2:03 minutes 8.18 The dude who wrote "Come On Eileen" had a birthday . . . and the jokes followed

Jeff tells dirty jokes . . . and Amanda can't remember jokes long enough to re-tell them . . . except for "What do you call a man with no arms and no legs" jokes.

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1:31 minutes 8.18 So when a guy burps, everyone is supposed to put their thumb on their forehead?

While we were talking about what people yell out when two people same the same thing at the same time, Jeff recalled some memory about guys putting their thumb on their forehead for some reason. We got to the bottom of it.

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3:15 minutes 8.18 What do people say when they say the same thing at the same time?

Jinx? Owe me a coke? Freakole? Pinch poke, owe me a coke? Yes, this was an argument.

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