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3:30 minutes 1.4 The Bachelor

Jeff and the Bachelor have something in common.

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2:22 minutes The Wackjobs : Clark Summit Girls

The latest from The Wackjobs . . . a song about the women of Clark Summit.

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1:08 minutes 10.21 Jeff and Rusty sing "Thriller"

. . . on helium :) and Amanda joins in!

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3:15 minutes 10.20 Another heated round of RADIO PASSWORD

Jeff guaranteed a win even though he hasn't won in months!

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3:43 minutes 10.13 Can you say the alphabet BACKWARDS in 5 seconds?

The Weekender Model of the Week can!

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2:20 minutes 10.11 A beauty queen attacks!

... but Jeff has a problem with the pageant existing in the first place!

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3:06 minutes 10-5 We put the results of the biggest sex study in history to test . . .

. . . but didn't quite get results that supported the study. Either way, this couple is on fire!

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