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0:52 minutes 4.21 SECRET SHOW : TMI

The stuff you won't hear ON the air . . . there's no such thing as TMI on this show!

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3:56 minutes 4.5 P90X guy TONY HORTON calls the show!

Jeff chats with his man crush, Tony Horton.

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2:38 minutes 3.1 I've HAD IT!

Everyone's HAD IT with something or someone!

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3:07 minutes 1.17 Manswer Monday

Guys . . . be honest, what's the first thing you notice about a woman?

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2:01 minutes 1.17 Manswer Monday

Rather than continue to let women come up with all kinds of scenarios and answers at girls night, we just ask the guys what is on the minds of women everywhere. What's the first thing you notice on a woman?

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4:11 minutes 1.7 You'll never believe what SEAN PAUL is actually singing in Temperature!

. . . and somehow we went into your weekly produce report :)

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2:34 minutes 1.4 The Lifetime Premiere of The Craigslist Killer

If you're wondering where your girlfriend was Monday night - odds are, she was glued to the premiere of The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime.

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4:11 minutes 1.4 Amanda's Facebook Challege for Jeff

Amanda challenges Jeff to upload a picture, caption it, and tag it in a new album in front of her to prove he actually knows how to ... considering all of his current facebook pictures were posted by her.

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3:30 minutes 1.4 The Bachelor

Jeff and the Bachelor have something in common.

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