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1:08 minutes 1.27 SECRET SHOW

We answer pretty much every phone call that comes into the studio and half of them go something like this . . .

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7:25 minutes 1.27 Is picking out your own engagement ring tacky?

Jennifer Love Hewitt selected 3 rings at Tiffanys that she'd like someone to propose to her with. Tacky?

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3:45 minutes 1.24 SECRET SHOW

The stuff that never makes it to the air. We continued our Manswer Monday conversation in the studio with a woman who called in with a different perspective.

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2:50 minutes 1.21 Did anyone else find a problem with the school closings on tv last night?

The took up WAY too much of the screen!!!

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3:32 minutes 1.20 Who CAN pee on command?

. . . not Amanda! So humiliating!

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3:44 minutes 1.19 Jeff brushed his teeth with hair gel

What careless thing have you done in the past 24 horus?

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