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1:26 minutes 6.7 Funny Names Revealed

You'll laugh after hearing some of these names.

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1:45 minutes 6.8 Jeff's Commencement Speech!

Jeff addresses graduating high school seniors!

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4:29 minutes 6.1 Email Wed - Is it nescessary to bring gifts to HS graduation parties?

A mother sent us an email saying her daughter is graduating from HS and she's wondering what to do about gift giving for other kids graduating.

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3:33 minutes 6.1 Wacky Mosquito Repelling Techniques

See what interesting mosquito repelling techniques we tested out. Lets just say some worked better than others.

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3:05 minutes 5.31 What have you held onto hoping it'd be worth something?

Jeff found something while moving!

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3:04 minutes 5.31 The MOST Ridiculous Game of RADIO PASSWORD

You'll never believe what clue made Laurie guess the right password!

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9:26 minutes 5.26 Adult Baby : Baby Andy in studio to talk about infantilism

Baby Andy tells us all about practicing infantilism and being an adult baby.

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3:24 minutes 5.11 How do you feel about #2'ing, burping, and picking in front of your guy?!

4% of women will go #2 in FRONT of their guy!

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4:20 minutes 5.10 Amanda tried out a new iPhone app . . . iAugment!

Ever wonder what you'd look like after a breast augmentation? Now you can see!

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2:21 minutes 5.10 SECRET SHOW

The stuff you won't hear ON THE AIR . . . Amanda was confronted by another bladdar shy person in the bathroom!

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