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3:37 minutes 7.12 Did you have your tonsils removed as an adult?

Amanda's debating having surgery . . .

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1:25 minutes 7.5 SECRET SHOW

The stuff you won't hear ON THE AIR. Amanda makes up her own words to songs and sings with headphones on. It's awful.

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3:57 minutes 6.29 NEPA sounds off on cyclers!

Apparently everyone's been having mixed feelings towards sharing the road with cyclers for a while. Some of you are swerving to hit them!?!

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3:33 minutes 6.29 Jeff FINALLY upgraded his phone!

Jeff resisted getting a smart phone for years . . . until now! Listen to find out why everyone at Verizon screams "not it" when he enters the store on a weekly basis with issues. Technology and Jeff don't go well together. All we hear in the office all day now is . . . DRRROOOOOOIIIIIIDDDDDD!

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1:56 minutes 6.15 SECRET SHOW

This caller questions Jeff's sexuality . . . along with most people who listen to this show. :)

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5:40 minutes 6.7 Our advice for HS graduates

After you graduate High School, what do you do next? We have some advice for you.

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3:06 minutes 6.7 Have People Stopped Dressing Formal?

What occasions should you dress formal to? A local woman wrote the paper and said she was displeased.

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