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4:11 minutes 1.7 You'll never believe what SEAN PAUL is actually singing in Temperature!

. . . and somehow we went into your weekly produce report :)

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2:55 minutes 1.6 Amanda makes good on her bet . . . and goes through the car wash!

Amanda's fantasy football team, Team Eye Candy failed her terribly. The bet, whoever's team lost rides through the car wash. SEE THE VIDEO under KRZ TV!

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1:28 minutes 1.5 Jake G and Taylor Swift's breakup . . . broken down

Like it's any of our business!?

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4:36 minutes 1.5 Email Wednesday (part 2)

Should he give her custody of their sex tape? Amanda says burn it together, Jeff thinks he should just keep it. Which one gives more peace of mind?

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3:17 minutes 1.5 Email Wednesday (part 1)

A guy wrote to us for advice about a sex tape he made with a girlfriend YEARS ago. They are friends now, but she wants custody of it. What do you think?

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1:15 minutes 1.4 SECRET SHOW

Jeff and Amanda left the tape rolling after discussing on the air how Amanda hates porn because there is too much spitting.

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2:34 minutes 1.4 The Lifetime Premiere of The Craigslist Killer

If you're wondering where your girlfriend was Monday night - odds are, she was glued to the premiere of The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime.

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4:11 minutes 1.4 Amanda's Facebook Challege for Jeff

Amanda challenges Jeff to upload a picture, caption it, and tag it in a new album in front of her to prove he actually knows how to ... considering all of his current facebook pictures were posted by her.

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3:30 minutes 1.4 The Bachelor

Jeff and the Bachelor have something in common.

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