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3:44 minutes 1.19 Jeff brushed his teeth with hair gel

What careless thing have you done in the past 24 horus?

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3:07 minutes 1.17 Manswer Monday

Guys . . . be honest, what's the first thing you notice about a woman?

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2:01 minutes 1.17 Manswer Monday

Rather than continue to let women come up with all kinds of scenarios and answers at girls night, we just ask the guys what is on the minds of women everywhere. What's the first thing you notice on a woman?

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7:28 minutes 1.13 Bad Boyfriend Poker

Ashley saw Danielle's "momma's boy ex-boyfriend" and raised her a hand that won her tickets to see Maroon 5 - wait until you hear what her ex-boyfriend did!

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2:00 minutes 1-12 11 percent of people do this in their bedroom???

Somehow the conversation always reverts back to Lifetime movies . . .

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2:16 minutes 1.12 SECRET SHOW

. . . the stuff you won't hear on the radio . . . why Jeff does a happy dance and Amanda's worst fear

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