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0:52 minutes 4.21 SECRET SHOW : TMI

The stuff you won't hear ON the air . . . there's no such thing as TMI on this show!

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3:56 minutes 4.5 P90X guy TONY HORTON calls the show!

Jeff chats with his man crush, Tony Horton.

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2:06 minutes 4.4 SECRET SHOW

The stuff you don't hear on the air. Amanda defends her blemish by blaming it on her boyfriend.

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2:38 minutes 3.1 I've HAD IT!

Everyone's HAD IT with something or someone!

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2:33 minutes 2.28 Manswer Monday : Guys confess if they've ever been offered more than a lap dance at the strip club

A dancer calls in to confirm . . . lesson learned : don't ask questions you don't want the answer to!

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