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1:17 minutes Backyard Boy Toy

Joe Snedeker got scorned by his Backyard Boy Toy, Rob Rave this week. Here's our recap!

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2:01 minutes Another Classic Talkback 16 Call

Here's a Talkback 16 caller that doesn't get why everyone is making such a big deal over Commissioners Cordaro & Munchak taking bribes. Good stuff here!

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3:31 minutes Camo Chris on the Rocky & Sue Show

Here's the grand prize winner in Rocky, Sue & Lissa's "Leck-i-fy Your Guy" contest. Chris from Drums has a thing for camo!

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2:38 minutes Best Talkback Call Ever!

Rocky & Sue played one of the best Talkback calls ever! A former teacher called WNEP to rip on other Talkback callers. His final thought is priceless.

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1:53 minutes Pink's SO WHAT

WNEP's Sharla McBride came in to sing with Jeff and Rusty!

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