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2:41 minutes Lamest Valentine's Day Gift Ever

Rocky claims to have found the lamest Valentine's Day gift ever! Do you agree?

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3:17 minutes Dumb Injuries

This weekend Rocky, Sue & Lissa hit the slopes with their Skouch (couch w. skis!) Will they end up in the E.R.? And what dumb thing did YOU do that put in the E.R.?

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3:02 minutes Impersonate your Spouse

Sue & Lissa have been busting on Rocky this week by doing half-baked impersonations of him on the radio. Today, they wanted to hear YOUR impersonation of your spouse. Here's the best ones!

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1:41 minutes Texting while you Walk

Do we really need PSA's reminding us not to text while we walk? Are we REALLY that stupid as a nation. Sue & Lissa think so...Rock disagrees.

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3:33 minutes Funeral Home Weddings

It's the latest trend. But would you get married in a funeral home? Rocky, Sue & Lissa found a listener that did just that...

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4:07 minutes Brush with Snooki

Molly Burnett from Allentown had a brush with Snooki in Monday's episode of "Jersey Shore". She was the chick at the bar that tried hitting on Snooki AND she was on the Rocky & Sue Show to give them the scoop.

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