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1:25 minutes 7.5 SECRET SHOW

The stuff you won't hear ON THE AIR. Amanda makes up her own words to songs and sings with headphones on. It's awful.

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2:21 minutes 5.10 SECRET SHOW

The stuff you won't hear ON THE AIR . . . Amanda was confronted by another bladdar shy person in the bathroom!

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3:45 minutes 1.24 SECRET SHOW

The stuff that never makes it to the air. We continued our Manswer Monday conversation in the studio with a woman who called in with a different perspective.

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2:16 minutes 1.12 SECRET SHOW

. . . the stuff you won't hear on the radio . . . why Jeff does a happy dance and Amanda's worst fear

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0:57 minutes 1.11 SECRET SHOW

. . . Jeff's vision of surprising his kid with a trip to Disney World

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1:15 minutes 1.4 SECRET SHOW

Jeff and Amanda left the tape rolling after discussing on the air how Amanda hates porn because there is too much spitting.

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6:25 minutes SECRET SHOW

Jeff and Amanda discuss the barefoot snow PAIN CHALLENGE and fear frostbite.

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3:58 minutes 12.29 SECRET SHOW

A little peek into singing practice!

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0:59 minutes 5.21.10 SECRET SHOW

Jeff has some annoying habits that Amanda usually holds in and tries to let go. This Secret Show caught a day where it just wasn't happening.

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0:51 minutes April 23 . . . SECRET SHOW!

A lady who played a game with us on the air was not happy that she lost and called us back crying ... or so we thought.

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