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3:10 minutes Horrible Bosses

We've all had at least one...a horrible boss.

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2:31 minutes TV Obsessions

Rocky was obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial the last few weeks, but his obsession doesn't come close to this caller.

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1:08 minutes Outrageous Caller of the Day

The Rocky & Sue Show was flooded with calls about yesterday's Casey Anthony verdict. We weren't prepared for this call!

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2:06 minutes Ryan Leckey calls with a Strange Request

WNEP's Ryan Leckey called the Rocky & Sue Show Friday with an unusual request.

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3:23 minutes Someone Has a Stuck Mic

Gays, Grannies & Grandes, oh my! A Southwest Pilot leaves his mic on as he rants about airline attendants. Rocky, Sue & Lissa found a few listeners that did the same thing.

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2:01 minutes Another Classic Talkback 16 Call

Here's a Talkback 16 caller that doesn't get why everyone is making such a big deal over Commissioners Cordaro & Munchak taking bribes. Good stuff here!

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4:03 minutes Motivational Speaker Craig Dietz

Despite being born without limbs, Craig Dietz is a triathlon swimmer, skier, drummer, licensed attorney & motivational speaker. He called the Rocky & Sue Show to tell his inspirational story.

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4:46 minutes Spelling Champ Sukanya Roy

That's one smart kid! 14 yr old National Spelling Bee champ Sukanya Roy from South Abbington Twsp called the Rocky & Sue Show to share her experience.

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3:41 minutes Dads Make Better Parents

Rocky read a list of reasons Dads make better parents and there was no shortage of callers ready to call him out on this!

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1:40 minutes When Did You Know the Honeymoon Phase in your Relationship was Over?

When Sue said 4 words, Rock knew the Honeymoon Phase was over!

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