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3:28 minutes JoJo calls the Rocky & Sue Show

"Let it Show" performer JoJo called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about her new single "Disaster", her ties to NEPA, and being "one of the guys."

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5:22 minutes Hot Chelle Rae with Rocky, Sue & Lissa

Ian from Hot Chelle Rae called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about their AMA win, Zack Galifianakas & the upcoming "Let it Show" concert.

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1:52 minutes Rocky & Sue: Cool Under Pressure?

NBC anchor Brian Williams kept his cool last night when a fire alarm went off during the news. Something similiar happened to Rocky & Sue when they were in Orlando...but they had a totally different reaction!

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3:31 minutes WWE Champ Mark Henry

WWE Superstar Mark Henry stops by the Rocky & Sue Show to help out at their soup kitchen broadcast.

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2:06 minutes Baby Food Diet

Rocky, Sue & Lissa give their thoughts on this latest fad diet endorsed by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston & Reece Witherspoon.

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1:20 minutes Jeopardy Contestant with a Threesome On Her Mind

Here's the audio we played from last night's "Jeopardy". Classic stuff! ~Rocky, Sue & Lissa

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2:02 minutes Lissa's Hot Date

Whenever Lissa talks movies on the Rocky & Sue Show, she always gets calls from guys wanting to take her out. She may have found the ultimate guy this morning.

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2:11 minutes Another Dumb 911 Call

Rock loves him some dumb 911 calls. Here's another one from the other side of the pond!

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3:43 minutes Unscary Things That Scare Us

For Rocky it's twins..... For Sue - balloons...... Lissa - big dogs. What UN-scary thing are YOU afraid of?

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1:50 minutes Living with Dead People Pt 1

Christina calls the Rocky & Sue Show to reveal that she found 2 skeletons in her house while they were remodeling. Would you spend the night there?

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