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2:53 minutes Prom Dilemma

The dilemma from today's show: You say "Yes" to a friend when asked to the Prom, but realize he may be hoping to take the relationship further. Do you go through with it or have the big "let's just be friends" talk?

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3:42 minutes Wedding Gift Issue

What do you do with the wedding gifts if the marriage busts up early? Here's what Rocky & Sue had to say...

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4:25 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt01

James Durbin talks about the Scranton Parade, the Marching Durbs & his favorite memories from American Idol.

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2:44 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt02

James Durbin talks about overcoming personal setbacks and his plans for his next record.

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3:02 minutes Reaction to the Denied Proposal

It wasn't what Rocky, Sue & Lissa were expecting. They helped a listener put his marriage proposal on the big electronic sign in front of the Mohegan Sun Arena and his girlfriend said NO! Check out the listener reaction.

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1:13 minutes Valentine's Day Card Rant

Rocky can't seem to find the right card for Valentine's Day.

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7:41 minutes Mick Foley calls the Rocky & Sue Show

Rocky, Sue & Lissa talk to wrestler Mick Foley about his appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap, standup comedy & why his dog still poops in the house!

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3:14 minutes Are you pregnant?

It's the question NO ONE should ask: Are you pregnant? Ever get asked when you weren't? Rocky, Sue & Lissa wanted to know how you reacted.

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3:25 minutes Intern Revenge: Episode One

Rocky, Sue & Lissa are giving their former interns a chance to strike back and take revenge on new intern Wonder Bread. Check out the first installment of Intern Revenge: Atomic Wedgie!

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3:42 minutes YouTube Baby

Rocky, Sue & Lissa comment on the guy from Texas that shot video of his wife having a baby in the car while he was driving.

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