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4:59 minutes Chumlee from "Pawn Stars"

They call him "The Village Idiot" on the show. Chumlee from "Pawn Stars" called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about his upcoming appearance at Mt. Airy.

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1:28 minutes Another Dumb 9-1-1 Call

A melted Ice Cream cake lead to this latest dumb call to 9-1-1.

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3:13 minutes Dave & Monica from WBRE

Dave Kuharchik and Monica Madeja from WBRE stopped by the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about their new show debuting September 19.

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2:31 minutes Defend Your Dude

Rupert Murdoch's wife stepped in to defend her husband when he got hit in the face with a pie. Ever get physical to defend your guy?

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3:11 minutes Dirty Little Secrets

Does Sue REALLY have man toes? Find out on this week's edition of DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS.

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2:32 minutes Crazy Ex's

Rocky & Sue took calls on the craziest thing your ex ever did...and then they heard from one of the crazy ex's!

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2:53 minutes Bridal Showdown

It was Team Heather vs. Team Bridget on the Rocky & Sue Show in a winner-take-all Bridal Showdown. Which bridal party knew the most about the bride?

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3:27 minutes Stupid Arguments Part 2

If you're in a relationship, you've definitely had at least one stupid argument. These are some of the best from today's Rocky & Sue Show.

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3:51 minutes Stupid Arguments

It's always the stupid things that start arguments with Rocky & Sue. Here's another example.

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3:10 minutes Horrible Bosses

We've all had at least one...a horrible boss.

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