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2:02 minutes Jersey Shore Preview

Lissa previews tonight's season premiere of "Jersey Shore" in the Daily Feed.

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1:39 minutes Laptop Hobo

It was a discussion this morning on the Rocky & Sue Show...Find out why KRZ's Kelly K is a "Laptop Hobo"!

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3:17 minutes Dirty Little Secrets Aug 03

Did Sue REALLY get her boobs signed by Jon Bon Jovi? Find out in this week's DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS.

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4:02 minutes Sick Puppies interview Pt01

The Sick Puppies join Rocky & Sue in the KRZ Spotlight Lounge to talk about their roots in Australia, Shark Week, and the real story of how the band got their name.

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3:41 minutes Sick Puppies interview Pt02

How did the Sick Puppies ever get to join the Nickleback tour last year? Lead singer Shim reveals the extreme measure he had to take in Part 2 of this interview on the Rocky & Sue Show.

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3:45 minutes OCD Day

They're talking Obsessive Behavior on the Rocky & Sue Show. We all have our quirks, but wait til you hear listener Chris & his issue while watching TV.

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3:40 minutes Creepy Gawkers

Rocky, Sue and Lissa asked: if any older guy was staring at your teenage daughter, would you say something?

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3:17 minutes Dirty Little Secrets July 27

Did Rock really drop out of college to work in radio? Did Sue do shots of Jack with Eric Clapton? And did someone drop their pants and put their naked butt cheeks on Lissa's piano? Find out in this week's "Dirty Little Secrets".

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3:29 minutes Run for Smokes Pt 1

Rock's sister & boyfriend are visiting PA this week, but it's actually a cigarette run disguised as a vacation.

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3:07 minutes Run for Smokes Pt 2

Rock's sister & boyfriend are vacationing in PA this week, but it sounds more like an excuse for a cigarette run for cheap smokes.

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