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2:39 minutes Naked in Front of your Kids

It was a hot topic this week on the Rocky & Sue Show: Do you allow your kids to see you naked?

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4:08 minutes Songwriter Gino Barletta

Sugarloaf native Gino Barletta penned the lead single off JoJo's new album "Jumping Trains". He called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about the song and how much he misses Dunkin Donuts coffee and Joe Snedeker.

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3:22 minutes Bathroom Secrets

What goes on (besides the obvious) when the bathroom door is closed? Rocky, Sue & Lissa reveal!

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1:36 minutes Zoo Animals Knew the Quake was Coming

Did you know the animals at the National Zoo in DC acted up minutes before the quake hit? Sue mentioned this in the news and Rock provided the soundtrack.

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2:07 minutes Crime Fighter Miriam

Ever witness a crime? And did you step in and do something about it? That was the case with this caller to the Rocky & Sue Show.

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2:03 minutes Bachmann Bandwagon

Rock has suddenly jumped on the Michelle Bachmann's why.

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1:04 minutes 10 Year Old Texter

Rocky, Sue & Lissa got in a great debate with listeners on whether or not it's ok to check the texts on your kid's phone. Then they heard the perspective of a 10 year old.

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3:52 minutes Sex or the Phone

More people would give up sex for a week before their cellphone. Rocky & Sue wanted to see how their listeners compared to this national survey.

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2:27 minutes Dumb Injuries

Rocky & Sue were at a friend's party this weekend. The host broke his wrist Sumo Wrestling! So they had listeners fill in the blank--"I can't believe I injured myself when _______"

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4:02 minutes Unexpected Nudity

Nudity is funny, especially when you least expect it. Where were you when you got surprised by a naked person?

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