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3:25 minutes Intern Revenge: Episode One

Rocky, Sue & Lissa are giving their former interns a chance to strike back and take revenge on new intern Wonder Bread. Check out the first installment of Intern Revenge: Atomic Wedgie!

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3:42 minutes YouTube Baby

Rocky, Sue & Lissa comment on the guy from Texas that shot video of his wife having a baby in the car while he was driving.

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1:54 minutes Survey says, what???!!!

We couldn't believe the answer on Family Feud yesterday. The question: Something a pilot holds onto on a long flight. Survey says...

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2:40 minutes Drive-Thru Experiment

Rocky & Sue wanted to see what would happen if Lissa paid for the person behind her at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. Would they return the favor and pay for the next person in line?

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3:41 minutes Fake Swear Words

Everyone tries to avoid cursing around their kids, but sometimes words we substitute are just plain weird.

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4:01 minutes Which gender makes a better boss?

Male? Female? Who would YOU rather work for?

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2:33 minutes Rusty Fender's Hotel Hop

Rocky, Sue & Lissa were talking about some of the freaky things they do to fight off germs when they called in the Germ-a-phobe King, Rusty Fender. Wait til you hear what he does in hotel bathrooms.

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3:38 minutes Facebook Wrecked My Relationship

One third of all marriages end because of Facebook. Rocky, Sue & Lissa asked: How did Facebook wreck your relationship?

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3:25 minutes Layaway Santa

There's been a lot of reports of Layaway Santas in NEPA. Rocky, Sue & Lissa talked to the manager of the K-Mart in Wilkes-Barre Twsp about anonymous people stepping in and paying layaway Christmas bills. What a great story!

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2:56 minutes What Does Santa REALLY Sound Like?

Ever wonder what Santa REALLY sounds like? The Rocky & Sue Show found audio of the real deal this week.

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