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2:58 minutes Shake Weight Bet Reaction

Lissa from the Rocky & Sue Show paid off her weekend bet with Rocky by re-enacting the Shake Weight commercial on KRZ-TV. Here's Rocky & Sue's AND listener's reaction to the video.

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2:49 minutes Rocky & Sue's new game: Do or Date?

We give you a sample guy. Your choice...would you Do or Date?

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2:12 minutes Lissa's "Ode to Lindsay"

Lindsay Lohan is off to jail today, and one member of the Rocky & Sue Show is taking it kind of hard. Lissa composed a little send off for Lilo.

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2:43 minutes Accidental Nudity

Nudity is fun, accidental nudity is hilarious. Wait til you hear some of these listeners who shared their stories on the Rocky & Sue Show.

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4:01 minutes Elliott Yamin calls Rocky & Sue

He's the nicest contestant ever on American Idol...Elliott Yamin. Elliott called the Rocky & Sue Show with his Idol pick and to talk about his brush with the Chilean earthquake.

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2:59 minutes Hot Sauce Jeopardy

Rocky & Sue challenge Senor Snuggy to a game of Hot Sauce Jeopardy on Cinco De Mayo. Get a question wrong, and you get sauced. Oh, and they forgot to provide water!

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