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1:05 minutes It Happened to Sue AGAIN!!!

Sue is legendary for losing just about everything she owns…car keys, house keys, cell phone…and it happened again. This has to be the weirdest case yet!

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2:17 minutes Why was Sue doing the Moonwalk?

Why did Sue suddenly break out in a Moonwalk last nite at a crowded restaurant? Here's why...

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3:07 minutes Captain Sleepy Pants

Rock earned a new nickname this week after telling multiple stories of being able to sleep through just about anything.

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3:41 minutes The White House Party Crashers

The infamous party crashers called Rocky & Sue to discuss what really happened at the White House and talk about Michaele's NEPA/KRZ connection.

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5:23 minutes Kate Flannery from The Office calls Rocky & Sue

We get the scoop on Steve Carell's final season on The Office from Kate Flannery.

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3:14 minutes Do or Date?

Wait til you hear Carolyn's response at the end of this week's edition of DO OR DATE? on the Rocky & Sue Show!~

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3:40 minutes Noisier than a Jetplane

Have you seen or heard the new 100% compostable Sun Chip bags? Some movie theatres are banning them because they make so much noise. Rock brought one in to annoy Sue & Lissa.

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2:57 minutes You Love Me, Really!!!???

Ever hear the words "I love you!" too soon? How did you react? These calls to the Rocky & Sue Show are priceless!

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1:54 minutes Obedient Sue

Rocky, Sue & Lissa introduced a new character on their show this week...Obedient Sue. Can you say EPIC FAIL?

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3:26 minutes Snooki or Snuggy

Who would have thought that Rocky & Sue's former intern Snuggy and Snooki from Jersey Shore would have SO MUCH in common? Hence the game Snooki or Snuggy?!!!

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