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1:01 minutes Carbondale Song "Alien Mix"

Today's storm gave Rocky, Sue & Lissa a reason to break out a new version of the Carbondale Song!

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1:19 minutes Celine Dion Workout

Rocky, Sue & Lissa discovered a new workout that anyone can do...and it only takes a few minutes!

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4:12 minutes Dumbest Contest Ever

It's the "Poo for Crue" contest as heard on the Rocky & Sue Show!

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3:13 minutes Lissa's Male Roomie Pt 01

Lissa is thinking of getting a male roommate to cut down on expenses. Good idea or bad idea?

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3:52 minutes Lissa's Male Roomie Pt 02

More advice for Lissa on having an opposite sex roommate

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3:15 minutes Fitting in at work

There's someone kinda new @ KRZ that seems to be having a hard time "fitting in" and Rocky, Sue & Lissa wondered why.

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2:57 minutes Why is it OK for a woman to lift up a man's kilt?

Rock feels like a "sexual target" every year at the parade. Here's his explanation.

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4:27 minutes Why is it OK for a woman to lift up a man's kilt? Pt 2

Rocky & Sue Show listeners give their opinion.

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5:32 minutes Angelina from Jersey Shore

Former Jersey Shore star Angelina called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about her new project...wrestling on Spike TV. Things get a bit heated at the end of the interview.

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