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3:35 minutes 2.14 Jeff & Amanda Babysit 3 Kids on Valentine's Day!

5 year old Ikie admits to eating and LOVING his boogers!

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4:50 minutes 2.9 Valentine's Gift - Give or Skip?!

We ask 3 women at random which gifts guys should give and which gifts guys should skip!

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4:22 minutes 2.2 The Joyful Noises Quartet Sing with Jeff & Rusty!

The Joyful Noises Quartet from Stroudsburg sing with Jeff & Rusty! Hire them to show up and serenade your girlfriend/wife/friend for Valentine's Day! Contact them - info is at and click on the Jeff Walker Show page!

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3:44 minutes 2.2 The Joyful Noises Quartet Sings!

Get information on how to hire The Joyful Noises Quarter to sing to your love on Valentine's Day! Go to 98.5 KRZ on the Jeff Walker Show page!

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3:41 minutes 1.31 Jeff is a Successful Single!

Jeff was featured as a Successful Single in the new Happenings magazine!

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4:44 minutes 1.27 WNEP's Joe Snedeker Calls!

WNEP's Joe Snedeker called the show to comment on the video of his weather forcast that went viral and even made Jimmy Kimmel!

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7:12 minutes 1.27 Nicknames for boobies!

Jeff insists all men have fun nicknames for boobies ... and Amanda says Boyfriend definitely doesn't have one. Do ALL men think like Jeff?

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1:48 minutes 1.13 Jeff's Final Facebook Message ... If I Die

There's a new Facebook App that lets you leave a final facebook status should you die unexpectedly. Jeff reads his final message!

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3:05 minutes 1.13 There's a new Facebook App ... If I Die

Amanda reads her final facebook message.

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