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4:06 minutes I Love You But You're Fat

Have you ever been told by your spouse that you need to lose weight? How did THAT go?

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4:01 minutes Mangled Hands Across America

Tell us your weird hand injury to win a manicure.... oh, the can of worms we did open....

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4:01 minutes Teenagers & Tattoos

How young is TOO young to get a tattoo? Rocky, Sue, & Lissa are divided....

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4:17 minutes Lisa Lampanelli on KRZ!

Lisa Lampanelli called Rocky, Sue, & Lissa to dish about her sold out show tomorrow night at the FM Kirby Center, AND the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice!

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3:39 minutes Christine's Email

We helped Dave propose to his girlfriend Christine on Valentines Day. She said NO! Hear her side....

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4:03 minutes Rate Your Man's Vday Skills

How did your guy do on Valentine's Day? Scale of one to ten...

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3:02 minutes Reaction to the Denied Proposal

It wasn't what Rocky, Sue & Lissa were expecting. They helped a listener put his marriage proposal on the big electronic sign in front of the Mohegan Sun Arena and his girlfriend said NO! Check out the listener reaction.

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1:13 minutes Valentine's Day Card Rant

Rocky can't seem to find the right card for Valentine's Day.

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4:00 minutes Triple X Police

Ever witness somebody get busted for looking at smut in public?

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3:59 minutes Fainting In Public

American Idol's 16 year-old fainter made us wonder - how common IS it to pass out in public? One member of our show does it on a regular basis....

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