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3:48 minutes Intern Games Episode #1

Our morning show intern, Wonderbread goes head to head with Fishboy's intern, Zack! Only one can emerge victorious in our first EVER installment of.....THE INTERN GAMES!!!!

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3:39 minutes Diary of a Poopy Car

Today Lissa's car hit an alltime low.... how is it possible to both suck AND blow?

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4:04 minutes stuff you WISH you could say to coworkers...

Sometimes silence is golden. Sometimes it causes underlying anger issues.

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3:53 minutes Monkey Talk

Lissa finds out (by accident) about Rocky & Sue's weird history with monkeys...

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3:42 minutes Wedding Gift Issue

What do you do with the wedding gifts if the marriage busts up early? Here's what Rocky & Sue had to say...

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4:25 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt01

James Durbin talks about the Scranton Parade, the Marching Durbs & his favorite memories from American Idol.

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2:44 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt02

James Durbin talks about overcoming personal setbacks and his plans for his next record.

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5:12 minutes Gilbert Gottfried on KRZ!

Rocky, Sue, & Lissa chat with Gilbert about rubber balls, liquor, and his show at Mount Airy Casino tomorrow night...

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3:54 minutes Hotel or NOtel

Was Lissa overreacting when she canceled her date over a hotel room? You be the judge....

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3:38 minutes Name that ZIT!

Our intern, Wonderbread, has been dealing with the Mount Everest of pimples all week. Instead of giving him sympathy (why would we do that?), we decided to NAME IT! And a few listeners took it one step further....

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