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3:34 minutes NASCAR Driver Kevin Conway

No joke, he drives the Extenze Ford...Kevin Conway called Rocky & Sue on the eve of the 1st race @ Pocono.

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3:54 minutes Adam Lambert KRZ Soundcheck Exclusive

Here's an acoustic version of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" sung live @ the Kirby Center soundcheck in front of 50 KRZ contest winners.

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3:04 minutes Sex & the City Hunk Noah Mills

Rocky & Sue got a call from actor Noah Mills. The former model plays Samantha's boy-toy in the new Sex & the City movie.

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4:01 minutes Elliott Yamin calls Rocky & Sue

He's the nicest contestant ever on American Idol...Elliott Yamin. Elliott called the Rocky & Sue Show with his Idol pick and to talk about his brush with the Chilean earthquake.

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2:56 minutes Kelly K Interview

Rocky & Sue were granted the first interview with new Mom Kelly K. Saturday she gave birth to baby Savannah @ 7:37am.

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2:59 minutes Hot Sauce Jeopardy

Rocky & Sue challenge Senor Snuggy to a game of Hot Sauce Jeopardy on Cinco De Mayo. Get a question wrong, and you get sauced. Oh, and they forgot to provide water!

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5:08 minutes The Bizarre Foods Guy

Rocky & Sue get a call from Andrew Zimmern host of "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel. Find out if he's ever lost his lunch!

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29:30 minutes Rob Thomas

Here's the complete Quizno's Spotlight Lounge starring Rob Thomas. Hear Rob do acoustic versions of "Lonely No More" "Someday", "3 AM" & "Her Diamonds", plus he tells us the artist that originally was meant to sing with Carlos Santana on "Smooth".

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3:30 minutes Would You Hire a Hot Nanny?

Is it a good idea to hire a hot nanny? Rocky & Sue got email from a listener in Clarks Summit faced with that dilemma. Here's what you had to say!

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4:37 minutes Kendra calls Rocky & Sue

Kendra Wilkinson called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about the new season of Kendra on E!, her relationship with ex Hugh Hefner, and what it's like having cameras follow you 24/7.

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