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1:46 minutes Song Titles about an Ex

Rocky, Sue & Lissa asked: If you wrote a song about your ex, what would the title be? Wait til your hear these calls!

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3:07 minutes Taylor Swift: The Untold Story

Rocky & Sue's insider friend from People magazine, Joey B, wrote this week's cover story. She had a one-on-one interview with Taylor Swift and revealed whether or not she really did write a song about John Mayer.

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1:05 minutes It Happened to Sue AGAIN!!!

Sue is legendary for losing just about everything she owns…car keys, house keys, cell phone…and it happened again. This has to be the weirdest case yet!

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4:04 minutes Clinton Kelly calls the Rocky & Sue Show

The fashion expert from "What Not to Wear" dished on his new book "Oh No She Didn't!" and gave a preview of the new season of the TLC show.

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2:17 minutes Why was Sue doing the Moonwalk?

Why did Sue suddenly break out in a Moonwalk last nite at a crowded restaurant? Here's why...

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4:05 minutes Who Would You Rescue First?

Rocky & Sue had to know...if trapped in a mine, who on the morning show would you rescue first: Rocky, Sue, Lissa or Intern Timmy?

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2:36 minutes The Brett Favre Voicemails

Here's the "hot & steamy" Brett Favre voicemails heard on the Rocky & Sue Show this morning.

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3:25 minutes Kyle Massey of DWTS with Rocky & Sue

He's the youngest performer on Dancing with the Stars this season...Kyle Massey chats with Rocky & Sue.

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2:52 minutes Chris Collins of the WB/Scr Penguins calls Rocky & Sue

Hockey is back and we check in with one of the newest Penguins, left winger Chris Collins.

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3:07 minutes Captain Sleepy Pants

Rock earned a new nickname this week after telling multiple stories of being able to sleep through just about anything.

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