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4:45 minutes Danny from NKOTB calls Rocky & Lissa

Remember waiting for the phone to ring in Junior High on a Friday night? That's what it was like when Danny Wood called KRZ this morning!

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3:14 minutes Permitchin' for a hitchin'

Do you think a guy should ask a girl's parents' PERMISSION before he proposes? Rocky was surprised at what the majority said!

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3:48 minutes Trapper Keeper Kids UNITE!!

Rocky had no idea what a Trapper Keeper was. I'd like to THANK all the kids of the 80's & 90's who called & texted to prove I'm not crazy.... TRAPPER KEEPERS RULE!! ~Lissa

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3:12 minutes Can a Serial Cheater Change?

Yeah, they've cheated in the past. But can a serial cheater REFORM when they finally meet the "right" person?

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3:45 minutes Kids Get Crass For Company

What embarrassing thing did your kid say/do in front of company?

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3:59 minutes Wedding Plan Predicament

Whaddaya do when someone (besides your parents) tries to take over your wedding plans? Some interesting advice...

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3:33 minutes Steve Brown from TRIXTER

Intern challenge is ON! Who can get the biggest celeb to call the show? I'd say score is one to nothing, COLLEEN for getting Steve Brown from Trixter to call this morn! Thanks, gurl!!! Lissy likey! (I'm a huuuuuuuge fan) -Liss ;)

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4:13 minutes NEPA's Olympian Paige Selenski

Shavertown's Paige Selenski is on the US Women's Field Hockey team. She called Rocky & Lissa just before leaving for London to compete in the Summer Olympics.

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3:54 minutes Baby Likes To Boogie!

What crazy non-kid music does your baby dig?

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3:43 minutes Sing Something Stupid...

What's the dumbest song lyric EVER? I think the one at the end is our winner.

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