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3:55 minutes To catch a CHEATER! Part 2....

Last week we helped Lissa's friend catch her cheating boyfriend. She hasn't confronted the dude yet - wants to confront the OTHER WOMAN first! Good idea? Or horrible trainwreck.....

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3:43 minutes Unscary Things That Scare Us

For Rocky it's twins..... For Sue - balloons...... Lissa - big dogs. What UN-scary thing are YOU afraid of?

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1:50 minutes Living with Dead People Pt 1

Christina calls the Rocky & Sue Show to reveal that she found 2 skeletons in her house while they were remodeling. Would you spend the night there?

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2:45 minutes Living with Dead People Pt 2

Rocky, Sue & Lissa get a call from Naomi who has seen the image of a little girl in her house and hears her cry "Mommy."

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1:25 minutes Dead Air

Kelly K's little girl Savannah was listening to the Rocky & Sue Show with her Mom when she caught Rock making radio's cardinal sin.

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2:49 minutes Hot Tub Confessions

It's like a confessional booth with warm jets...Rocky, Sue & Lissa's Hot Tub Confessions!

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3:14 minutes Corn Maze Morons

Ever get lost in one of those giant corn mazes? Lost enough to call 911?!

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2:51 minutes Crystal's Haunted House

Rocky, Sue & Lissa began searching for a location for this year's Ghost Hunt. The search might be over. Wait til you hear this call!

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0:59 minutes Shot by a Cat? No no no!

A man in South Carolina claims his cat was packing heat. We think the cat was setup.

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4:15 minutes Rocky, Sue, & Lissa Stick It To The Man!!!

Everyone's got a cause, right? Well....except for these three.....

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