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2:41 minutes stupid + booze + 911 call = funny.

Even the people at 911 get drunk dialed from time to time. At least this guy figured out his own problem by the end of the call.....

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2:06 minutes Baby Food Diet

Rocky, Sue & Lissa give their thoughts on this latest fad diet endorsed by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston & Reece Witherspoon.

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5:51 minutes TSO performs LIVE in the KRZ studios!

Transiberian Orchestra kicks off their tour TOMORROW NIGHT (Nov 11, 2011) at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre! They were kind enough to stop by and give us a little preview...

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4:08 minutes How DARE you ask me that!!!

As a parent, what's the most outrageous question you've been asked about your kid? Obviously, some people have no shame.

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3:10 minutes Don't be poking me!

Ahhh, the Facebook poke. A fine line between friendly and creepy, isn't it? Especially when married guys are "poking" single girls half their age...

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1:20 minutes Jeopardy Contestant with a Threesome On Her Mind

Here's the audio we played from last night's "Jeopardy". Classic stuff! ~Rocky, Sue & Lissa

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4:02 minutes Shoplifting Mom

Should there be a gray area for shoplifting in a grocery store if you're pregnant? How about if you're just bored & hungry?

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3:39 minutes Do cheaters deserve a second chance?

Lissa's friend has a cheating boyfriend. Lissa says dump him. But maybe she's wrong - have YOU ever given a cheater one more chance? Maybe several?

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2:02 minutes Lissa's Hot Date

Whenever Lissa talks movies on the Rocky & Sue Show, she always gets calls from guys wanting to take her out. She may have found the ultimate guy this morning.

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2:11 minutes Another Dumb 911 Call

Rock loves him some dumb 911 calls. Here's another one from the other side of the pond!

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