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2:33 minutes Rusty Fender's Hotel Hop

Rocky, Sue & Lissa were talking about some of the freaky things they do to fight off germs when they called in the Germ-a-phobe King, Rusty Fender. Wait til you hear what he does in hotel bathrooms.

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7:06 minutes 1.10 We fess up to our Hands Up Honesty Test

Find out who admitted to needing to hide something in their bedroom before letting company stay there!

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3:06 minutes 1.6 Do you love to do something most people find gross?

Hello scab eaters, skin peelers, and zit poppers!

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4:07 minutes Ever busted your babysitter?

Have you ever caught your babysitter doing something shady?

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3:38 minutes Facebook Wrecked My Relationship

One third of all marriages end because of Facebook. Rocky, Sue & Lissa asked: How did Facebook wreck your relationship?

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3:57 minutes Eating In The Nude!

Is Lissa the only one who eats naked? Rocky & Sue are hoping so....

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3:25 minutes Layaway Santa

There's been a lot of reports of Layaway Santas in NEPA. Rocky, Sue & Lissa talked to the manager of the K-Mart in Wilkes-Barre Twsp about anonymous people stepping in and paying layaway Christmas bills. What a great story!

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2:56 minutes What Does Santa REALLY Sound Like?

Ever wonder what Santa REALLY sounds like? The Rocky & Sue Show found audio of the real deal this week.

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4:16 minutes What Christmas song do you HATE?

...and don't just tell us.....sing it to us....

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1:45 minutes Fart Heard 'round the World

Whoopi Goldberg let one rip on "The View" Friday. Here's the audio of the fart heard 'round the world.

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3:19 minutes Talkback 16 Awards

It's NEPA's forum for whining & complaining, Talkback 16 on WNEP. This week the Rocky & Sue Show handed out the awards for the best calls of 2011.

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4:09 minutes ARE THOSE REAL?!

Have you ever had to defend your boobs?

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2:07 minutes The Wackjobs : Christmas Bills!

The latest from The Wackjobs!

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3:21 minutes When did you CRY to get your way?

When was the last time you shed actual tears to get your way? It helped one of our listeners take over the world....

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4:13 minutes Has your pet ever hurt you?

Some people will put up with SUCH a beating, as long as it's coming from a fuzzy little creature they call "pet"....

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3:28 minutes JoJo calls the Rocky & Sue Show

"Let it Show" performer JoJo called the Rocky & Sue Show to talk about her new single "Disaster", her ties to NEPA, and being "one of the guys."

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4:11 minutes Christmas gifts you've already nixed!

Sometimes you just hafta tell your kids NO when it comes to Christmas presents. For many reasons: price, size, noise, .....smell?

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