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4:00 minutes Triple X Police

Ever witness somebody get busted for looking at smut in public?

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3:59 minutes Fainting In Public

American Idol's 16 year-old fainter made us wonder - how common IS it to pass out in public? One member of our show does it on a regular basis....

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7:41 minutes Mick Foley calls the Rocky & Sue Show

Rocky, Sue & Lissa talk to wrestler Mick Foley about his appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap, standup comedy & why his dog still poops in the house!

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4:22 minutes 2.2 The Joyful Noises Quartet Sing with Jeff & Rusty!

The Joyful Noises Quartet from Stroudsburg sing with Jeff & Rusty! Hire them to show up and serenade your girlfriend/wife/friend for Valentine's Day! Contact them - info is at and click on the Jeff Walker Show page!

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3:44 minutes 2.2 The Joyful Noises Quartet Sings!

Get information on how to hire The Joyful Noises Quarter to sing to your love on Valentine's Day! Go to 98.5 KRZ on the Jeff Walker Show page!

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3:14 minutes Are you pregnant?

It's the question NO ONE should ask: Are you pregnant? Ever get asked when you weren't? Rocky, Sue & Lissa wanted to know how you reacted.

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4:27 minutes Comedians Louis Centanni & Reverend Bob Levy on the Rocky & Sue Show!

Louis "Twitchels" Centanni and Reverend Bob Levy give Rocky, Sue, & Lissa a little taste of their big show in the Poconos this weekend!

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3:41 minutes 1.31 Jeff is a Successful Single!

Jeff was featured as a Successful Single in the new Happenings magazine!

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3:25 minutes Intern Revenge: Episode One

Rocky, Sue & Lissa are giving their former interns a chance to strike back and take revenge on new intern Wonder Bread. Check out the first installment of Intern Revenge: Atomic Wedgie!

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4:44 minutes 1.27 WNEP's Joe Snedeker Calls!

WNEP's Joe Snedeker called the show to comment on the video of his weather forcast that went viral and even made Jimmy Kimmel!

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7:12 minutes 1.27 Nicknames for boobies!

Jeff insists all men have fun nicknames for boobies ... and Amanda says Boyfriend definitely doesn't have one. Do ALL men think like Jeff?

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3:42 minutes YouTube Baby

Rocky, Sue & Lissa comment on the guy from Texas that shot video of his wife having a baby in the car while he was driving.

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3:56 minutes Crazy To Clean

Cleaning someone's house while you babysit their kid - good deed or invasion of privacy?

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3:44 minutes Mee Spell Purdy

Ever see an incorrect spelling on a public sign? ....or is it "inkorrekt" spelling on a "pubic" sign?

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1:54 minutes Survey says, what???!!!

We couldn't believe the answer on Family Feud yesterday. The question: Something a pilot holds onto on a long flight. Survey says...

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2:40 minutes Drive-Thru Experiment

Rocky & Sue wanted to see what would happen if Lissa paid for the person behind her at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. Would they return the favor and pay for the next person in line?

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3:41 minutes Fake Swear Words

Everyone tries to avoid cursing around their kids, but sometimes words we substitute are just plain weird.

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1:48 minutes 1.13 Jeff's Final Facebook Message ... If I Die

There's a new Facebook App that lets you leave a final facebook status should you die unexpectedly. Jeff reads his final message!

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3:05 minutes 1.13 There's a new Facebook App ... If I Die

Amanda reads her final facebook message.

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4:01 minutes Which gender makes a better boss?

Male? Female? Who would YOU rather work for?

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