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4:25 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt01

James Durbin talks about the Scranton Parade, the Marching Durbs & his favorite memories from American Idol.

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2:44 minutes James Durbin on the Rocky & Sue Show Pt02

James Durbin talks about overcoming personal setbacks and his plans for his next record.

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6:55 minutes The Sunset Villains perform "The Sky is Falling" in studio!

Check them out their video for "The Sky is Falling" on Youtube and download it on iTunes!

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5:12 minutes Gilbert Gottfried on KRZ!

Rocky, Sue, & Lissa chat with Gilbert about rubber balls, liquor, and his show at Mount Airy Casino tomorrow night...

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5:22 minutes 2.29 Email Wednesday

A couple (that have been dating for 5 months) just found out they are expecting a baby. She wants him to move in. He's not sure he wants to. Would NOT moving in make him look like a creep?

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3:54 minutes Hotel or NOtel

Was Lissa overreacting when she canceled her date over a hotel room? You be the judge....

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3:38 minutes Name that ZIT!

Our intern, Wonderbread, has been dealing with the Mount Everest of pimples all week. Instead of giving him sympathy (why would we do that?), we decided to NAME IT! And a few listeners took it one step further....

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1:59 minutes Kelly K interviews Elmo & Cookie for Sesame Street Live

Go behind the scenes with the furry red rock star and his little blue friend!

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4:06 minutes I Love You But You're Fat

Have you ever been told by your spouse that you need to lose weight? How did THAT go?

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4:01 minutes Mangled Hands Across America

Tell us your weird hand injury to win a manicure.... oh, the can of worms we did open....

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3:35 minutes 2.14 Jeff & Amanda Babysit 3 Kids on Valentine's Day!

5 year old Ikie admits to eating and LOVING his boogers!

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4:01 minutes Teenagers & Tattoos

How young is TOO young to get a tattoo? Rocky, Sue, & Lissa are divided....

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4:17 minutes Lisa Lampanelli on KRZ!

Lisa Lampanelli called Rocky, Sue, & Lissa to dish about her sold out show tomorrow night at the FM Kirby Center, AND the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice!

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3:39 minutes Christine's Email

We helped Dave propose to his girlfriend Christine on Valentines Day. She said NO! Hear her side....

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4:03 minutes Rate Your Man's Vday Skills

How did your guy do on Valentine's Day? Scale of one to ten...

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3:02 minutes Reaction to the Denied Proposal

It wasn't what Rocky, Sue & Lissa were expecting. They helped a listener put his marriage proposal on the big electronic sign in front of the Mohegan Sun Arena and his girlfriend said NO! Check out the listener reaction.

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1:13 minutes Valentine's Day Card Rant

Rocky can't seem to find the right card for Valentine's Day.

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4:50 minutes 2.9 Valentine's Gift - Give or Skip?!

We ask 3 women at random which gifts guys should give and which gifts guys should skip!

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