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4:56 minutes 4.19 Geoff Walker from the WB/Scranton Penguins!

The WB/Scranton Penguins kick off the playoffs this weekend! Geoff stopped by the show and revealed the song the Pens jam to in the locker room ... it's not one you'd guess!

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3:40 minutes Penguins in the KRZ studio!

Are you ready for Penguins playoffs this weekend?! Zach Sill stops by to discuss rivalries, strategies, and white outs....

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3:52 minutes Hologram Comeback

If you could pick ONE dead celebrity to come back and entertain us as a hologram, who would it be? ....Pssst - Tupac is taken.

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3:53 minutes Pricey Prom!

How much does the average family spend on prom? You might be surprised...

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1:47 minutes Do YOU know what a STOPCOCK is?

Who says the morning show isn't educational? Today we learned what a STOPCOCK is!!!

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6:45 minutes 4.10 Krysten Ritter chats with J&A!

Krysten Ritter is originally fron Shickshinny and now stars in the new ABC show "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

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3:00 minutes Scranton Math Teacher on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Rocky, Sue & Lissa talked to Renee Stevens, a Scranton HS Math teacher, that appeared on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

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2:53 minutes Prom Dilemma

The dilemma from today's show: You say "Yes" to a friend when asked to the Prom, but realize he may be hoping to take the relationship further. Do you go through with it or have the big "let's just be friends" talk?

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4:04 minutes Delivery Room Drama

Did you have someone OTHER than the father of your baby in the delivery room with you? There's a specific reason we ask...

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3:56 minutes 3.30 Intern Effin Stephan's "Bid for President"

The odds of winning the big Mega Millions were 1 in 176 MILLION ... the odds of becoming president are 1 in 10 million ... Intern Effin Stephan gives a speech to be president ... would you want him as president?

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6:18 minutes 3.29 Our version of The Hunger Games!

Based on our strengths and weaknesses, who do you think would win the Hunger Games? Jeff, Amanda, or Mr. Manly?

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3:57 minutes Roommate Hell

Think YOUR roommate is bad? Maybe a little perspective.... CAUTION: DON'T EAT WHILE LISTENING TO THIS!

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5:14 minutes David Gonzalez, the Jet Blue Hero!

He doesn't think he's a hero - we beg to differ. David Gonzalez (from Henryville, PA) describes how he took down the berserk Jet Blue pilot earlier this week, and no doubt saved lives.

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3:48 minutes Intern Games Episode #1

Our morning show intern, Wonderbread goes head to head with Fishboy's intern, Zack! Only one can emerge victorious in our first EVER installment of.....THE INTERN GAMES!!!!

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3:39 minutes Diary of a Poopy Car

Today Lissa's car hit an alltime low.... how is it possible to both suck AND blow?

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4:04 minutes stuff you WISH you could say to coworkers...

Sometimes silence is golden. Sometimes it causes underlying anger issues.

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3:53 minutes Monkey Talk

Lissa finds out (by accident) about Rocky & Sue's weird history with monkeys...

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3:42 minutes Wedding Gift Issue

What do you do with the wedding gifts if the marriage busts up early? Here's what Rocky & Sue had to say...

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