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3:29 minutes Cody Rhodes of the WWE on the Rocky & Sue Show

Rocky, Sue & Lissa invited kids to the KRZ studio to help interview WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes.

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2:42 minutes Jury Duty Misery

Rock was whining about getting picked for Jury Duty and got some advice from a few "experts".

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4:07 minutes Scary Sleepwalkers

What's the craziest thing you've done sleepwalking?

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1:53 minutes Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey

Apparently Ryan Gosling was booked so it's the next best thing...Gilbert Gottfried reading a bit of "50 Shades of Grey".

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4:16 minutes Graduation Boobs

Mom & Dad are fighting about getting their 18 yr-old daughter a BOOB JOB for a graduation gift. Your thoughts?

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3:55 minutes I'd FREAK if my ex took my....

Besides kids & pets, what's the ONE thing you would flip out about if your ex took it?

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3:26 minutes NEPA's Got Talent!

We dared to ask the question: does NEPA have talent? Turns out....mmm...sorta.

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4:07 minutes Mom Dirt

What's something you wish you DIDN'T know about your mom?

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13:53 minutes 5.3 Bret Alexander of The Badlees

Bret Alexander from The Badlees stopped by! The Badlees just released a BEST OF/Retrospective album!

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minutes 5.1 1 in 3 Americans Would FAIL a U.S. Citizenship Test!

We attempt to answer some questions on it!

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4:05 minutes BAD Teacher!

Who was your craziest teacher? Everybody had at least one!

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2:51 minutes 4.25 Brian McKnight Wrote the Nastiest Song!

What happened to the man who sang some of the best LOVE songs ever?

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3:58 minutes Best Teacher in NEPA

The President handed out the National Teacher Award this week. The Rocky & Sue Show looked for the best teachers in NEPA...and someone familiar came up!

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3:53 minutes Sick vs. Playing Hooky

What's the rule on taking your kids to do FUN things when they're supposed to be home sick from school?

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3:58 minutes 4.23 Sometimes It Just Slips

It happened on the bench of an NBA game ... and pretty much everywhere else.

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3:55 minutes 4.23 Excuses Women Give

The top 10 excuses women supposedly give to get out of sex!

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