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0:51 minutes Kimberly Caldwell

Rocky & Sue HAD to ask the former Idol contestant about dating David Cook

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3:21 minutes Kimberly Caldwell calls her Granny

Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol Season 2 hung out with Rocky & Sue to talk about her debut CD "Without Regret", drink a few cocktails, and call her Grandma in Texas. We see where she gets her personality from!

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3:23 minutes Olympic Snowboarder Tyler Jewel calls the Rocky & Sue show

Rocky & Sue talked to an Olympian, snowboarder Tyler Jewel, who's going for the Gold in Vancouver.

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3:30 minutes Backwards Talker

Rocky & Sue talked to a college girl with a most unusual talent--she can talk backwards! Check it out and see if you buy it.

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3:10 minutes Spank the Frank

It's Snuggy vs. The Mangler in a weiner-take-all Hot Dog Eating Contest live on the Rocky & Sue Show.

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3:57 minutes Rocky & Sue get a call from Eric Stonestreet, Cameron on "Modern Family"

"Modern Family" is one of the hottest new sitcoms this season. Eric talks about playing a gay character on TV, his favorite episode, and introduces us to a "moon landing"!

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3:31 minutes Lady Haha

She's the Granny of KRZ receptionist Mo and she's got attitude! Lady Haha calls Rocky & Sue with her picks for the Grammy Awards.

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3:20 minutes Jeff & Amanda DEBUT . . . Ipod Idol!

Have you ever tried singing with headphones on? You can't hear yourself, so it sounds horrible. Thus, IPOD IDOL. Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda each sing 30 seconds of a song from Amanda's ipod. Just sit back and enjoy! :)

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1:35 minutes I Gotta Feeling

Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda attempt I GOTTA FEELING from Black Eyed Peas!

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2:01 minutes Hands Up

A game where we promise to answer questions with 100% honesty! Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda all admit to having sex in the studio.

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1:53 minutes Pink's SO WHAT

WNEP's Sharla McBride came in to sing with Jeff and Rusty!

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2:20 minutes The Boston Booger Story

Jeff & Amanda talked about the things guys do that women can't stand and Jeff recalled "The Boston Booger Story."

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3:01 minutes Tough Love

Jeff can't stand that Amanda is always signing him up for things and Amanda hates the way Jeff eats. It's show therapy.

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7:59 minutes Spanx

Jeff had no idea how common/popular SPANX are with women!

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1:15 minutes Jeff & Rusty sing LOW!

This was the BEST performance at 4:45 on a Thursday EVER!

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1:46 minutes Party in the USA!

WBRE's Doug Currin and Kristi Capel joined Jeff and Rusty to sing some Miley Cyrus! (It didn't go as planned)

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1:30 minutes BAD ROMANCE

Jeff, Amanda, & Rusty attempt Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE! Ra ra ah ah ah!

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