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4:37 minutes 10.25 The Octaves from the U. of Scranton Perform "Some Nights" from Fun!

The Octaves, a co-ed a capella singing group from the University of Scranton joined us in studio to perform "Some Nights" from Fun! They were a great group of students and did an awesome job! Check it out!

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5:19 minutes Lewis Black with Rocky & Lissa

Listen as comedian Lewis Black goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds!

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1:32 minutes Best 911 Call Ever

Here's the 911 call we played Monday morning. The caller was arrested. And wait til you hear why she made the call! ~Rocky & Lissa

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6:40 minutes Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori from The Walking Dead

Is Lori having a zombie baby? Rocky & Lissa got the scoop on The Walking Dead from one of the stars of the show.

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4:42 minutes 10.15 Wheel of Women: Date #2

Jeff & Amanda spin the Wheel of Women and call Tatum for a 2 minute ON AIR date. Amanda the Matchmaker decides whether or not Jeff & Tatum should meet in person for an actual date.

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2:36 minutes Marathon Engagement

How's this for a surprise engagement? Carl Lutkowski of Old Forge got down on one knee 20 yards from the finish line of the Steamtown Marathon to pop the question. Carl & fiance Stacey Cummings told us all about it this morning. ~Rocky & Lissa

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4:07 minutes Did Lissa Get Blown Off

Lissa thinks her blind date blew her off last weekend. We had to ask: Blow off or not? ~Rock

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3:32 minutes Your Parents in the Bedroom

Ever learn TOO MUCH about your parents bedroom activities? Didn't you want to just die? We had to ask, right? ~Rocky & Lissa

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3:29 minutes If You Had a Million Dollars

Let's say someone gave you $1 million and you could only use it to start a business. What would you do with it? ~Rocky & Lissa

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9:10 minutes 9.17 WHEEL OF WOMEN - Jeff's First ON AIR Date

YOU submitted women that you thought would be "perfect for Jeff!" We spun the WHEEL OF WOMEN and landed on Mary Ann. Jeff and Mary Ann had a two minute ON AIR date, listen in!

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2:20 minutes Wedding Streaker

This was by far the call-of-the-day! Wait til you hear this one. ~Rocky & Lissa

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1:44 minutes 8.17 Jeff says "Chi-niece"

While chatting about the Olympics, we realized Jeff says Chinese funny.

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4:45 minutes Danny from NKOTB calls Rocky & Lissa

Remember waiting for the phone to ring in Junior High on a Friday night? That's what it was like when Danny Wood called KRZ this morning!

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3:14 minutes Permitchin' for a hitchin'

Do you think a guy should ask a girl's parents' PERMISSION before he proposes? Rocky was surprised at what the majority said!

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5:21 minutes 8.1 Amanda's past life?

Amanda got an interesting phone call from a man who claims they were "intimate" in a past life.

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6:46 minutes 7.30 Phillip Phillips calls Jeff & Amanda

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips checks in with Jeff and Amanda.

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3:48 minutes Trapper Keeper Kids UNITE!!

Rocky had no idea what a Trapper Keeper was. I'd like to THANK all the kids of the 80's & 90's who called & texted to prove I'm not crazy.... TRAPPER KEEPERS RULE!! ~Lissa

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3:12 minutes Can a Serial Cheater Change?

Yeah, they've cheated in the past. But can a serial cheater REFORM when they finally meet the "right" person?

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