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0:51 minutes April 23 . . . SECRET SHOW!

A lady who played a game with us on the air was not happy that she lost and called us back crying ... or so we thought.

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1:35 minutes April 16 . . . SECRET SHOW!

The trouble with public toilet seats . . .

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2:27 minutes April 7 . . . SECRET SHOW!

We talk off the air with a guy who got something done late in life that most guys get done as a baby . . .

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2:09 minutes March 30 . . . SECRET SHOW!

Amanda's theory about cops is questioned.

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2:19 minutes March 25 . . . SECRET SHOW!

Jeff and Amanda discuss incontinence and impotence.

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5:30 minutes March 19 : SECRET SHOW

Jeff picks on night guy Fishboy every chance he gets.

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4:04 minutes March 16 : SECRET SHOW

Listen in and hear the things Jeff and Amanda do in the studio when the mics are off! This secret show is pretty REVEALING.

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6:08 minutes March 15 ... SECRET SHOW

If you've ever wondered what goes on in the studio while you're listening to music on the radio . . . voila! The Secret Show! Check back daily for a new show! Today, we talk Amanda's obsession with midgets, guys who lie about being in relationships, and the way people waste Jeff's time.

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3:42 minutes March 10 . . . SECRET SHOW!

The things that go on behind the mic that you'll never hear on the radio! ... Amanda walked by the men's bathroom at the WRONG time!

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Listen to Jeff and Amanda's Secret Show to hear what happens when the mics go off and the music in on!