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7:41 minutes Mick Foley calls the Rocky & Sue Show

Rocky, Sue & Lissa talk to wrestler Mick Foley about his appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap, standup comedy & why his dog still poops in the house!

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3:14 minutes Are you pregnant?

It's the question NO ONE should ask: Are you pregnant? Ever get asked when you weren't? Rocky, Sue & Lissa wanted to know how you reacted.

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4:27 minutes Comedians Louis Centanni & Reverend Bob Levy on the Rocky & Sue Show!

Louis "Twitchels" Centanni and Reverend Bob Levy give Rocky, Sue, & Lissa a little taste of their big show in the Poconos this weekend!

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3:25 minutes Intern Revenge: Episode One

Rocky, Sue & Lissa are giving their former interns a chance to strike back and take revenge on new intern Wonder Bread. Check out the first installment of Intern Revenge: Atomic Wedgie!

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3:42 minutes YouTube Baby

Rocky, Sue & Lissa comment on the guy from Texas that shot video of his wife having a baby in the car while he was driving.

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3:56 minutes Crazy To Clean

Cleaning someone's house while you babysit their kid - good deed or invasion of privacy?

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3:44 minutes Mee Spell Purdy

Ever see an incorrect spelling on a public sign? ....or is it "inkorrekt" spelling on a "pubic" sign?

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1:54 minutes Survey says, what???!!!

We couldn't believe the answer on Family Feud yesterday. The question: Something a pilot holds onto on a long flight. Survey says...

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2:40 minutes Drive-Thru Experiment

Rocky & Sue wanted to see what would happen if Lissa paid for the person behind her at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. Would they return the favor and pay for the next person in line?

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3:41 minutes Fake Swear Words

Everyone tries to avoid cursing around their kids, but sometimes words we substitute are just plain weird.

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