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1:53 minutes Pink's SO WHAT

WNEP's Sharla McBride came in to sing with Jeff and Rusty!

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2:20 minutes The Boston Booger Story

Jeff & Amanda talked about the things guys do that women can't stand and Jeff recalled "The Boston Booger Story."

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3:01 minutes Tough Love

Jeff can't stand that Amanda is always signing him up for things and Amanda hates the way Jeff eats. It's show therapy.

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7:59 minutes Spanx

Jeff had no idea how common/popular SPANX are with women!

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1:15 minutes Jeff & Rusty sing LOW!

This was the BEST performance at 4:45 on a Thursday EVER!

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1:46 minutes Party in the USA!

WBRE's Doug Currin and Kristi Capel joined Jeff and Rusty to sing some Miley Cyrus! (It didn't go as planned)

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1:30 minutes BAD ROMANCE

Jeff, Amanda, & Rusty attempt Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE! Ra ra ah ah ah!

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0:42 minutes What Goes On In A Man's Mind During Sex?
Man Sex

Jeff and Amanda present 'What Goes On In A Man's Mind During Sex?' Some hilarious insight into man's thoughts in bed.

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1:17 minutes "Are You A Guy Or A Girl?"

Jeff & Amanda have a hard time differentiating whether a listener is male or female, so Jeff takes the initiative and flat out asks "So are you a guy or a girl?"

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1:44 minutes Jeff & Rusty Sing Katy Perry's 'Hot N Cold'
hot N cold

Jumpin' Jeff & Rusty Fender do a striking rendition of Katy Perry's landslide hit single 'Hot N Cold'.

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