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5:59 minutes March 9 : SECRET SHOW

While you're listening to KESHA and LIFEHOUSE, Jeff and Amanda are talking Easter, the guys effected by Amanda's bout with MONO, and WNEP's Paola Giangiacomo!

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1:49 minutes 3-8 Secret Show . . . the stuff you'll never hear on the radio!

Have you ever wondered what kind of conversations go on in the studio while there are songs playing on the radio? We left the tape rolling and created our SECRET SHOW! On the first secret show, Jeff and Amanda chat about what can ACTUALLY be said on the radio about Jon Gosselin's "situation."

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1:26 minutes 3-4-10 Jeff & Rusty Sing

. . . attempt to sing GOOD GIRLS GO BAD!

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4:47 minutes 3.4.10 Baby Daddy Bingo

Right here in NEPA, what is the MOST number of different baby daddy's or baby momma's 1 person has?!

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3:20 minutes Ipod Idol

Straight from Amanda's ipod . . . Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda sing :30 seconds of a song and you vote who was the best. It's not easy when you can't hear yourself. Volume all the way up, it's IPOD IDOL!

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3:20 minutes Jeff & Amanda DEBUT . . . Ipod Idol!

Have you ever tried singing with headphones on? You can't hear yourself, so it sounds horrible. Thus, IPOD IDOL. Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda each sing 30 seconds of a song from Amanda's ipod. Just sit back and enjoy! :)

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1:35 minutes I Gotta Feeling

Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda attempt I GOTTA FEELING from Black Eyed Peas!

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2:01 minutes Hands Up

A game where we promise to answer questions with 100% honesty! Jeff, Rusty, and Amanda all admit to having sex in the studio.

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Listen to Jeff and Amanda's Secret Show to hear what happens when the mics go off and the music in on!